Spend a steamy Valentine’s Day with Aaron and Nina!

In FINDING SUNSHINE Aaron and Nina over-came Aaron’s dark past to find a future together.

Will their Valentine’s Day go according to plan?

The honeymoon is over…

This is where their happily-ever-after begins…




As I walk back into the room Aaron is tucking his phone back into his pocket. Looking up at me, he smiles and holds out his hand for the container and says, “Dessert… great idea, Sunshine.”

“I thought we’d have cookies first,” I tell him with a smile, handing over the container and sitting on the sofa next to him.

“What did Richard want?”

Setting the cookies aside Aaron reaches over and takes my hand, pulling me to straddle his lap. “Nothing. I told him I’d call him back tomorrow.”

He cups the back of my neck and pulls me into a heated kiss, while his other hand works its way up the back of my baggy sweatshirt. Our breath mingles, our teeth clash and our tongues move together in a fevered dance. Aaron’s calloused fingers move along the skin of my back. I shiver as the familiar warmth runs through me.

He pulls back just enough to groan, “Fuck, Sunshine,” before removing his hand from where it’s tangled in my hair to grab my backside roughly. I rock against him, feeling him harden beneath his jeans.

“Cookies first?” I ask, pulling away and picking up the forgotten container.

“I don’t think anything tastes as good as you,” Aaron comments, before shoving almost the entire cookie into his mouth at once.

“Not even your favorite cookies?” I grab his wrist and force him to feed me the remaining cookie from his hand. He gives me a playful scowl.

“These are pretty amazing…” He reaches over and grabs another cookie.

“How can you even taste it, when you shove it practically whole into your mouth?” I ask, leaning forward and taking another bite from his hand.

“Don’t worry, I can.” He mumbles around his mouthful, and then he swallows thickly. “Now I just need to taste you Sunshine, so I can compare.”

I smile as his eyes widened, while he watches me reach down, pull up my sweatshirt and toss it onto the sofa beside us.

After shoving the remaining piece of cookie in his mouth, Aaron glides his hands slowly up my side and cups my breasts. A shiver runs through me and I lean forward into his warmth. I nip, suck, and tease the delicate skin behind his ear as he continues to gently knead my breasts.

One hand moves from between our bodies to cup the back of my head, and then Aaron directs our lips into a rough peanut butter flavored nipping kiss. I groan, grinding my sex against his increasing hardness. A growl reverberates within Aaron, as he wraps his arms around me.

“Aaron.” I cry out in surprise breaking the heated kiss as he stands, picking me up with him. I instinctively tighten my hold around his neck and raise my legs to wrap round his narrow waist.

“Hold on,” he chuckles, walking us towards the bedroom.


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